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Streaming Live to Web

RHCTV has just entered into an agreement with Discover Video to upgrade our streaming capabilities to reach a wider audience.


What is Rocky Hill Community TV ?

We are a non-profit 501c3 organization that was formed as a local public access user group.

RHCTV is located in Rocky Hill , Connecticut (Directions to RHCTV). Our mandate is to provide a Public Access television transmission point and a studio that is available for production and training. Our broadcaset is transmitted to both COX Cable and AT&T twenty four hours a day. RHCTV is staffed by all volunteers who dedicate their time in many differen't forms.  We encourage people who are interested in becoming involved in the station to contact us. RHCTV is always looking for more people to join. Some of the user's are also board members for the organization.

How can I produce a show at RHCTV ?

First step is to make a request by using our Online Request form. We will set a meeting to discuss your needs and plan the concept of your production. As a producer you will be responsible for learning the equipment required to do the show and to assemble any necessary crew or talent. This may sound like a lot of work but our staff at RHCTV will make this process fun and exciting. Your show will be on the air in no time !

How to become a Board member of RHCTV

Every non-profit 501c3 organization has a Board of Directors. Rocky Hill Community TV is no exception. Our board is responsible for the running of the organization. This may include revisions to the by-laws , fundraising and community outreach efforts among other projects. If you are interested in serving on the board please contact us. Contacts

Can I volunteer at the studio ?

RHCTV is always looking for new volunteers ! Weather you have experience in video production or require training , there is always a place here for new recruits in Rocky Hill. In addition to studio production there are always positions that need to be filled including graphic design for our scroller and community outreach to bring in new broadcast material. If interested, please contact us using the "Contact the Studio" link.

Do I need to be a Rocky Hill resident to use RHCTV?

NO ! We believe that the "Public" in Public Access television means everyone ! RHCTV does  not require a local sponsor to be able to submit broadcast material. As long as the producer requirements are met the studio is yours to use !